Rokoko Theatre interior

Rokoko Theatre interior
Rokoko theater is situated in famous eponymous passage in the center of Prague, right next to the Wenceslav square. It belongs to the City Theaters of Prague company. The place originally used to serve as a cabaret, it was rebuilt many times during the twentieth century to end up as a classical peep-hole theater. The original design represents the so called third rococo, it includes many stucco decoration elements which come from period decoration catalogs. The original color was crème with gilded and silvered ornaments.
The first phase of the restoration includes the refurbishment of the main theater hall and a part of foyer. The opening took part on 24.10.2009 on the occasion of birthday of Kveta Fialova, a famous Czech actress. The refurbishment included new stucco venetiano on the walls, new lamps, seats and a carpet. The acoustics was adjusted and new technology was built into the structure of the interior. The foyer was cleansed from the ecclectic layers of previous designs and equipped with new lamps and furniture. A sculpture of Vaclav Voska, the marvel for many Czech actors by sculptor Kurt Gebauer was installed in the entrance hall.
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