Chalet Dolní Telnice

Chalet Dolní Telnice
Address: parcela č. st. 118, 210/6, Zadní Telnice, Czech Republic

Dodavatel: Jaroslav Holinger
Zadní Telnice in the Ore Mountains is a village with one of the oldest ski clubs in the Czech republic. It is a recreational area with mountain cabins. The new building uses the basement of the original building, which was located at the construction site. This condition reduced the necessary volume of diggingwork. Compared to the original built-up area of the house, new ground floor extends eastwards to the neighboring relatives‘ cabin.
There are two canopies on the gable roof. South roof is shading the terrace with a large window oriented to the valley. North roof protects incomers from wind and rain.
The interior of the cottage is open to the roof. The center of house is a living area with a stove. Living area is connected to the terrace. Two bedrooms are separated from the living area by a sliding door. An outdoor staircase reacts to the to the neighboring relatives‘ cabin in the east.
Newly-built structure is designed as a light timber structure. The construction technology was chosen because of the material availability and easier transport, storage and processing. The surface finish materials are durable. The roof and facade are made of the same material - graphite metal sheets combined with a light-colored wood paneling at the entrance and at the terrace.
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