Rivington Place

Rivington Place
Address: 1 Rivington Pl, Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom
Investor:Autograph ABP / Institute of International Visual Arts
Completion:2003 – 5.10.2007
Price:5 000 000 Euro

Rivington Place was commissioned by two publicly funded visual arts organisations,ᅠInivaᅠandAutograph ABPᅠwith the intention of establishing the new venue as a major international visual arts centre inᅠShoreditch,ᅠLondon. In the late 20th-century, this part of the East End had emerged as a new arts quarter, famous for harbouring theᅠYBAᅠmovement, with leading private galleries such asWhite Cubeᅠin nearbyᅠHoxton Square. Both Iniva and Autograph were founded to reflect and promote cultural diversity in the visual arts, and it was hoped that the new building would advance this aim. The five-storey building was designed by leading architectᅠDavid Adjayeᅠand opened to the public on 5 October 2007. It cost ᆪ8 million to complete and was the first publicly funded new-build international art gallery in London sinceᅠThe HaywardᅠGallery opened more than 40 years earlier.
Primarily a free public gallery, for most of the year, the two exhibition spaces are used to show contemporary visual art shows organised by either Iniva or Autograph. With 15,000-square-foot of space, the venue also houses education facilities and seminar rooms as well as the offices of Iniva and Autograph ABP. The building is home to theᅠStuart Hall Library, which is Iniva's public reference library for research into diversity and the visual arts.
Amongst the program of exhibitions held in the building by the two organizations have been shows by the Ghanaian photojournalistᅠJames Barnor, British sculptorᅠHew Locke, French film makerᅠZineb Sediraᅠand Nigerian/British fine-art photorapherᅠRotimi Fani-Kayode.
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