Expansion Brewery Falkenštejn Krásná Lípa

Expansion Brewery Falkenštejn Krásná Lípa
History we wouldn't have been drinking here without.
As the development of the town Krásná Lípa grew faster, the thirst of local factory workers and production has also grown. The decline of the town caused by war, displacement, collectivization, privatization, restitution and also globalization, meant the end of the brewing in the town. Nowadays the fortune is brought back by the hard work of city representatives, local people and noble-minded investors. Krásná Lípa shows us, how to overcome adversity.
Thanks to this effort, we were able to design the extension of the brewery´s operation, which is prospering in the new conditions again. The main intention was to enlarge and move the existing technology with an emphasis to show the brewery work to the public and increase offered services with short-term accomodation.
Repainting the house with the white color has enabled the disparate environment to be harmonized, showing that it is possible to preserve the original character of buildings in the absence of money and the need for new interventions.
The most significant changes took place inside the building. On the ground floor were created and modified space for brewing and strictly separated brewery operation from the rest of the building. The aim was to use the existing display windows to show the production and the brewing process itself. On the first floor were placed rooms for accomodation, so the guests can enjoy the experience how and where „their“ beer is made.
The additional shape and material in the back of the supply yard helps accentuate the house as a brewery, in a relatively confusing and insignificant place. The extension solves several functions - warehouse space, communication links and new entry and leeward in the accommodation part.
God Bless you!
Atelier Hoffman
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