Four Dwellings Matosinhos

Quatro Casas em Matosinhos

Four Dwellings Matosinhos
Address: Rua Dr. Filipe Coelho 180, 182, 192, 212, Avenida D. Afonso Henriques 394, Rua Dr. Forbes Bessa, Matosinhos, Portugal

Casa D. Maria Do Carmo d'Almeida Abreu
Casa Oscar José Gomes D'Abreu Guimaraes
Casa Manuel Fernando Rodrigues Neto
The 4 houses that occupy the 3 volumes, closed off from the street but facing the gardens and public space, are marked by the contrast between the compartmentalizing of bedrooms and the fluidity of the sitting rooms. They reveal themselves as labs for the architecture that the author develops, with experiences and influences of vernacular Japanese way of construction, in stone walls and wood details; and the popular Portuguese way of building, in roofs, carpentry work and stairs. Le Corbusier contaminates the spans and plasters, Alvar Aalto the intimate spaces, Walter Gropius the functionality, and finally, Antonio Gaudí the gates and the exuberant and extravagant chimney, covered with glass mosaics, a novelty in the 1950s, learned in the studio of Fernando Távora.
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