Quinta do Portal Winery

Adega Quinta do Portal

Quinta do Portal Winery
Address: Celeiros do Douro, Sabrosa, Portugal

The winery building is divided into four rectangular levels to accommodate the proposed programme: the first level, almost completely buried, contains the first storage and e area, the staff facilities and storerooms. On the ground floor, with a loading bay, is the second storage area, changing rooms and toilets for staff, disabled toilets and storerooms. The public entrance is on the mezzanine floor, which also contains a wine tasting room and a tavern area, while the partially occupied top level has an entrance foyer, an auditorium and public toilets.
The reference level is the current land contour, at the same height as the loading bay. All floors are connected by a stair system with views down to the barrel storage areas. The system is completed with conveniently located stairs, lifts and emergency exits. The upper auditorium level opens onto a partially landscaped roof terrace.
The building is constructed in reinforced concrete walls, concrete blocks, and solid slabs set on steel beams and columns. The outer cladding consists of a slate plinth followed by cork panelling. Face concrete walls and slabs are employed inside the storage areas. The floors are given an epoxy finish and the steel surfaces are treated with fireproof paint. In the remaining areas, the finishing materials are stucco walls, wood flooring and marble tiles in the wet areas The interior and exterior frames are in wood and steel.
Álvaro Siza
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