Color Studio, BAUMIT

Color Studio, BAUMIT
Address: Žižkova 9, Bratislava, Slovakia
Investor:Baumit, spol. s r. o.
Area:125 m2

Color Studio by Baumit is like the company’s display case. Its pronounced ceiling showcases a product characteristic for Baumit—colored plaster. Made in a sheltered workshop, 2264 blocks coated in colored plaster hang down from the ceiling and represent the company’s vibrant character in its entire multifarious range. The concept of the interior high- lights the 888 color tones that Baumit offers, by contrasting it with neutral grey—variable grey shelves for sampling and a large-format granite floor which evokes an exterior location, the plaster’s natural setting. This creates a balanced environ- ment for presenting of the company’s products and their sampling to customers.
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