Cottage in the Highlands

Cottage in the Highlands
Address: Fryšava pod Žákovou Horou 73, Fryšava pod Žákovou Horou, Czech Republic
Investor:manželé Urbanovi
Built Up Area:115 m2
Built Up Space:600 m3

A pair of white walls was retained as a reminiscence of the original rural house in disrepair. Behind them new house was erected, which respects volume and shape arrangement of the former building. This approach made it possible to sensitively enter historic collection of buildings with modern minimalist concept of architecture. Fibrecement slate roofing is used on the roof and facade, and its small scale refers to the local shingle roofs. The interior is  divided by a  corridor that separates the social space from the rest of the house. The living space is accentuated into an open roof, where through a large skylight gets the most sunlight. Wide kitchen window is the main visual contact with the garden.  On the ground floor is the master bedroom, bathroom, utility room and stairs to the attic, where there are two rooms with windows on the facade and into the skylight above the living space.
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10.06.16 10:08
Pěkné, pěkné, moc pěkné...
Vít Blaha
12.06.16 10:39
Materiálový úlet
16.06.16 02:59
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