Residential building on Slovany

Residential building on Slovany
Coauthor: Josef Houška
Address: Radyňská ulice 30, Pilsen, Czech Republic

This apartment building on Slovany district in Radyňská street replaced two demolished houses, which are still recognizable in the volume of the new building. During the design we mainly focused on the northern street facade, where the covered corridor and staircase are orientated. This facade reflects important opinions on contemporary architecture. Orderly rhythm of perforated rusted metal sheets on facade is a clear reaction to tasteless colours and cheap imitations used on surrounding reconstructions. In the city part, where the building is located, many houses suffer greatly under a coat polystyrene insulation, which covers uncompromisingly all the details of their historical facades. The southern courtyard facade contrasts significantly with the street facade and brightens the shared garden with optimism.
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