Corso Apartments, Beroun

Corso Apartments, Beroun
Spolupráce:David Balajka, Romana Bedrunková
Built Up Area:413 m2

River view and surrounding forms face of the building. Sharp angled facade communicates to the soft river flow. Various characters of terraces, glazed or not?

Residential building in the former telephone exchange parking lot.

The waterfront-oriented apartment building helps to cultivate the surrounding environment and to integrate the building from the communist era into the structure of the city.

The house is oriented east to the river with an angled facade - each apartment opens with a glass wall to the river. The dynamics of the facade is enhanced by the alternation of open loggias with glazed conservatories. By choosing an apartment, clients could also choose a terrace solution. Bay windows with bedrooms overlooking the river stand out of the sides of the house. There are 2 apartments with generous terraces on the 5th floor.
The character of the house is supported by a dark purple-red facade - in which white openings of loggias and windows are cut. Like coconut, it has a dark shell and white flesh.
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