Apartment M13

Apartment M13
The apartment M13 is situated on the ground floor of a larger family residence built in the ‘70s. In the process of its renovation, the four-room apartment has undergone visible changes to its layout. The formerly enclosed apartment has been opened up, and the visual connection with the garden was strengthened by lowering of window thresholds to the ground level. 
A load-bearing wall, originally separating the North-oriented entrance corridor from the South-oriented living room, was removed with the intention to create a flowing living space concept. The living room is connected with the kitchen and the dining room in the open-plan layout. The central anchor of the apartment becomes the kitchen, behind which the bathroom is hidden.
The narrow corridors were eliminated in order to maximise the living space and minimalize the built structure. The remaining space has been split by a material wall, an ash wardrobe that provides most of the apartment’s storage space. Its placement in the apartment is not fixated, therefore, the building programme could be adjusted if needed. 
The colour palette is based on the honest materialisation of the key design elements; the white painted walls, the oak parquet floor, ash veneered ply of the inserted material wall, and the green coloured kitchen.

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