Bečva Villa Resort

Bečva Villa Resort
Address: č.parc. 723/1, Horní Bečva, Czech Republic
Investor:Bečva Resort, s.r.o., Prostřední Bečva, Kněhyně č.366

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The complex of wooden houses available for rent is located on a meadow in the municipality of Horní Bečva in the Beskydy protected natural area. The completed project, consisting of eight family houses, 12 bungalows, an administration building, roads, green areas and other facilities, presents a unified urban complex with a recreational function. The housing project makes use of traditional materials from the Beskydy region (wooden house constructions, wooden cladding on the façade, wooden windows) and traditional forms (rectangular floor plans, entrances on the longer side of the floor plans, slanting roofs with dormers).

Family Houses (Buildings A and B)
The houses are situated in such a way so that the street and building lines are evident and resort guests can easily orient themselves in the complex. The economic requirements of the investor were respected in the plan. There are two types of family houses in the resort. Both types have the same size floor plan and the same height, but individual rooms are laid out differently.

Bungalows / Cabins
Our objective was to design small buildings to be as simple and universal as possible so that they would fit well into the Beskydy environs. To make the scale smaller, the square floor plans of individual cabins were divided into two rectangles and a 2.5 metre space was created between them. The cabins have shed roofs, but they are situated in such a way so that the roofs create a saddle roof silhouette. Six cabins are alternately placed around one driveway.

Administration Building
The administration building is situated at the entrance to the resort. It consists of two structures with a shed roof that are connected with a covered entrance and evoke an image of a representative gateway. The building to the north-west is designed for receiving resort guests and there are offices on the first floor. The second building houses storerooms and technical facilities.
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