Angelika Kauffmann Museum

Angelika Kauffmann Museum
Address: Brand 34, Schwarzenberg, Austria
Investor:Gemeindeamt Schwarzenberg
Area:220 m2
Price:800 000 Euro

During spring of 2006 the municipality of Schwarzenberg conceived the project of building the Angelika Kauffmann Museum in the old Kleberhaus, where since 1928 the local history museum of Schwarzenberg is located. After examining the wooden construction and walls of the old Kleberhaus they found the original house (front part) dates from 1556, the extension has been built in 1793. It became a real challenge for the architect to design a new exposition space with respect to this monumental construction. The result is a true balance between old and new: a fresh wooden interior placed inside as a room on its own, where old and new meet visibly and physically. The Painter Angelika Kauffmann (1741 to 1807) is known world-wide for her late baroque and classicistic Portraits and Paintings. Although Angelika Kauffmann lived in London, Venice and Rome, the idyllic town of Schwarzenberg in the Bregenzerwald, however, remained her adopted home in her lifetime.
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