Verona offices - refurbishment

Verona offices -  refurbishment
Spolupráce:David Balajka, Vojtěch Kratochvíl, Anna Schneiderová
Address: Hrnčířská 642, Beroun, Czech Republic
Area:1041 m2

Original building from the 80's built during communist period was used as local telephone switchboard. Designed in brutalist style it has had some sculptural qualities. It has been situated near the city centre. It looked like a building on periphery though. It was out of urban scale and context, its parterre was closed to public. Related public space was undefined.
The purpose of refurbishment was to integrate the building in the city urban structure, open its parterre to public and change its character into a representative townhouse. Universal frame structure made of prefabricated reinforced concrete enabled construction of new offices. Scale of the building was changed by new large windows broken through the façade. Newly formed parterre helps to define public urban space of the street and semi-public representative entrance spaces of the new administrative building.
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