Rokko Housing I.

Rokko Housing I.
Autor: Tadao Ando
Adresa: Rokko, Kobe, Japonsko
Užitná plocha:1779 m2
Zastavěná plocha:668 m2
Plocha pozemku:1852 m2

"The building is composed of a group of units, each measuring 5.8 meters by 4.8 meters. In section, it conforms to the slope, and in plan, it is symmetrical. In ascending the slope, gaps are intentionally created. The gaps relate to each other and unite the entire building; at the same time they serve as a plaza. A total of 20 units are mounted along the slope creating exclusive terraces facing various directions overlooking the ocean. I expect that life in these diverse units will concentrate around the terrace and the opportunity to communicate with nature."
"Architecture represents an autonomous system of thought. To think architecturally is not merely to deal with external conditions or to solve functional problems. I am convinced that architects must train themselves to ask fundamental questions, to give free rein to their individual architectural imaginations, and to consider human beings, life, history, tradition, and climate. We must create architectural spaces in which man can experience-as he does through poetry or music-suprise, discovery, intellectual stimulation, peace and the joy of life."
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