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Mood for Wood
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Mood for wood is an international design workshop for students and young designers, interested in the actual implementation of their ideas. During the workshops, students, with the help of renowned architects and designers from around the world, aided by experienced carpenters, design and make urban furniture for selected local communities. It is the design stage - using participatory tools - that distinguishes the Mood for wood project from similar student-aimed workshops. Participants not only make the furniture themselves - they also design its form. They work on a specific location, meet with particular space users, get to know their needs and problems of a given location. In order to implement a project, they are obliged to obtain the acceptance of their ideas from the recipients; then, on the basis of the developed cost estimate, they place an order for specific materials, which they then use to build wooden furniture or installations.

The 11th edition of the workshop will be held again in Cieszyn on August 11-22, 2022, where students and designers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, under the slogan - Revival, will design and build furniture on both sides of the border.

Daily struggles with polluted air, rising temperatures and a lack of sufficient greenery mean that urban wildlife is becoming the last oasis in the urban dimension. The 11th edition of the Mood for wood workshop -Revival- in Cieszyn will focus on the wilderness of this border city. Workshop participants will design and make urban furniture to bridge the gap between the wild world of nature and urban culture. The projects created under the watchful eye of the tutors will accompany the natural monuments and surround the houses of plants and animals inhabiting Cieszyn’s green areas with care and protection, as well as serve recreation and environmental education. The furniture created as part of the workshop is to affect not only the body, but also the psyche of users tired of two years of the pandemic and overwhelmed with war news. They are to help users on both sides of the border to return to the longed-for balance of life.

Applications can be submitted through the application form on the website from the 11th of April until the 1st of June. Organizers will contact successful applicants via e-mail 3 days after recruitment deadline.

Cost: 200 euro/ 800 PLN
Cost of the workshops includes:
- accommodation in Cieszyn during the workshops
- full board (breakfast, lunch, supper)
- coffee breaks
- travel to/from Cieszyn ( students from Czech Republic – departure from Prague or Brno, students from Slovakia– departure from Bratislava, students from Hungary – departure from Budapeststudents from Poland - public transport from any location in the country, students from)
- Health and Safety training – ending with a certificate
- work materials for the workshops
- package of gadgets from Mood for Wood

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