12. Budapest Architecture Film Days

Kortárs Építészeti Központ
Tisková zpráva
23.02.2020 17:50


You are warmly invited to the 12th edition of the Budapest Architecture Film Days. In Budapest transitioning from Winter to Spring also means access to the best films addressing architecture and the city. As usually, we hope that even the first Spring sunlights could not keep our architecture lover audience away from the cinema seats.
In the past 12 years, we have not only became part of a flourishing network of festivals, but the genre of the "architecture film" itself has also been transformed: besides movies targeting a professional audience, there are many new productions using elaborated narrative and visual elements to explore the most current problems of our built environment, exciting also for a wider public. Correspondingly, the festival's mission is not limited to bringing to Budapest the best architecture- and city-related movies. We take particular aim at creating a festival that interacts with Budapest and reflects on the city's metamorphosis: every year we select films for the festival programme that help showing the urban transformation from a different perspective or in an international context.
Do you live in a building? Do you love cinema? Then let us meet on the second weekend of March in Budapest!

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