Superstudio 2020 - 1. místo

Martin Velfl, Matouš Dejmek, Zhaidarbek Medetbek Uulu

Matěj Beránek, Superstudio
Tisková zpráva
13.03.2020 08:35
Thick Skin
at this very moment, we are working virtually,
on our computers

our skin as a data-transfer medium

envelops the information contained beneath it

we share this data voluntarily

how much of it do we expose to the public, to the ever watchful ‘big brother’ ?

building as a data collector
some buildings more than others

33 Thomas Street, lower Manhattan

NSA’s bunker-like window-less skyscraper

what is contained and guarded under its concrete, Thick Skin ?

our concept points out how our personal information is unconsciously misused it is part of the deal we have agreed to, without reading it

every drop is a bit of information given and shared, can be taken and exploited
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