Aleksandra Sumorok : Contemporary Polish Architecture

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22.05.2013 00:05
Series of Lectures about Contemporary Polish Architecture at Faculty of Arts and Architecture TUL (Husova 75, Liberec)

22. May 2013 18:00 F12
Architecture Now. Polish Contemporary Architecure

The lecure will focus on the brief history of Polish Contemporary Architecture, XXI century. The most significant designs, designers and buildings.

23. May 2013 18:00 F12
Design and architecture in Poland 1989-2012

The lecture will focus on the postransformation history of Polish design and architecture. Not only the buildings, but also the context of transformation, the institiutions supporting the design development i.e. Industrial Design Institute.

24. May 2013 9:00 F03
Socialist cities in Poland

The brief history of the industrial, monofunctional cities built in People`s Republic, such as well known Nowa Huta but also Nowe Tychy and constructed later Stalowa Wola, Jasnik, Krasnik, Swidnik. The lecture will focus on its history, origin, architecture.

Aleksandra Sumorok is art historian, graduated from the History of Art Department, University of Lodz (Uniwersytet Łódzki, Poland). In 2008 obtained a PhD degree at the Wrocław University of Technology (Politechnika Wrocławska) Department of Architecture. Presently is employed at the Academy of Fine Arts (Akademia Sztuk Pięknych) in Lodz. For many years she has been giving lectures on various art related topics concernig architecture and design – Polish architecture after 1945, History of ancient art, History of Textile, History of interior design.
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