RIFF International Architecture Conference 2013

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25.08.2013 18:15
ABplus Events and the Order of the Architects of Romania invite you to the 10th international architecture conference: RIFF 2013, on November 11-12, in Bucharest.

RIFF International Architecture Conference 2013 presents the latest award-winning architectural projects from all over the world. The guests are architects awarded in international competitions, leaders and personalities of modern architecture.

Among the special guests of the fourth edition of RIFF 2013 is the architect Stephen Hodder, winner of the grand prize of the American Institute of Architects and 5 times winner of the Royal Institute of British Arhitects (RIBA) prize. Stephen Hodder is currently the elected president of RIBA. 

Another special guest of RIFF 2013 is the Swiss architect Daniel Lischer, who will present the Residence House Vitznau, a project awarded with the Detail Prize în 2012.

Initiated by the organizers in 2010, unique in structure, program and organization, the architecture expo conferences have so far brought together over 3,000 architects and designers from Europe, Asia and the United States of America, 400 speakers, 350 companies, 220 partners and sponsors and 115 media partners.

More details on http://www.ieriff.ro/
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