El Croquis 213: Taller Héctor Barroso


Nakladatelství: El Croquis
Rok vydání: 2022
ISBN: 9788412333176
Formát: 25 x 34 cm, 300 stran, brožovaná, 2.25 kg
Jazyk: anglicky, španělsky
web: https://elcroquis.es/products/213-taller-hector-barroso
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  63,03 € (bez 10 % DPH: 56,73 €)
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Based in Mexico City, Taller Héctor Barroso primarily focuses on residential architecture. This issue features recent work since 2015, including profiles of thirteen projects that range from standalone dwellings and groups of houses to apartment buildings and a sports complex. To supplement the selected projects, Hugo Sánchez converses with Héctor Barroso about the creative process. The issue also includes an in-depth analysis of the practice’s architecture written by Spanish architect and critic Jesús Vassallo.