AV Monografías

199: Pezo Ellrichshausen

Nakladatelství: Arquitectura Viva
Rok vydání: 2017
ISSN: 9788469753309
Formát: 24 x 29 cm, 112 stran, brožovaná
Jazyk: anglicky, španělsky
Běžná cena: 1000 Kč
Naše cena: 800 Kč (bez 10 % DPH: 727,28 Kč)
  32 € (bez 10 % DPH: 28,80 €)
Skladem: 0 ks (standardní doba expedice do 21 dnů)

Between art and architecture, the work of Mauricio Pezo and Sofía von Ellrichshausen is a consistent mix of geometric, spatial, and structural experimentation, where each piece is conceived as a variation within a series. The introductory text by Fernando Pérez Oyarzun unveils the key aspects of the work of the Chilean architects and their particular way of understanding architecture, and is followed by a chronological journey through 32 works and projects developed since 2002, when they set up their studio in Concepción, 500 kilometers south of Santiago. This itinerary includes the bold prisms of their first houses – which brought them world renown – as well as their latest projects.

Luis Fernández-Galiano: The Geometric Disease
Fernando Pérez Oyarzun: Border Notes

Space Strategies

Rivo House, 2002-2003, Valdivia (Chile)
Poli House, 2002-2005, Coliumo (Chile)
Wolf House, 2005-2007, San Pedro (Chile)
Parr House, 2006-2008, Chiguayante (Chile)
Fosc House, 2007-2009, San Pedro (Chile)
Cien House, 2008-2011, Concepcion (Chile)
Solo House, 2009-2013, Cretas (Spain)
Arco House, 2010-2011, Concepcion (Chile)
Guna House, 2010-2014, Llacolen (Chile)
Faro Pavilion, 2010-, Santa María Island (Chile)
Gago House, 2011-2013, San Pedro (Chile)
Lamp Museum, 2011-, Concepcion (Chile)
Abba House, 2011-, Cabrero (Chile)
Mine Pavilion, 2013, Denver (United States)
Puca Building, 2013, Santiago (Chile)
Meri House, 2013-2014, Florida (Chile)
Blue Pavilion, 2013-2014, London (United Kingdom)
Ines Building, 2013-2017, Concepcion (Chile)
Ocho House, 2014, Los Vilos (Chile)
Paas House, 2014, San Pedro (Chile)
Nida House, 2014-2016, Navidad (Chile)
Cent Pavilion, 2015, Chicago (United States)
Quil, Quilapilun Farmhouse Cultural Centre, 2015-, Colina (Chile)
Vara Pavilion, 2015-2016, Venice (Italy)
Rode House, 2015-2017, Chonchi (Chile)
Utdt Building, 2016, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Deci Pavilion, 2016, Paris (France)
Tora House, 2016-, San Pedro (Chile)
Bell Pavilion, 2016-2017, Paris (France)
Loba House, 2016-2017, Coliumo (Chile)
Vela Pavilion, 2017, Santiago (Chile)
Eder House, 2017-, Kassel (Germany)