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Collective Housing

In this issue’s essay, Ramias Steinmann argues that collective housing has always responded architecturally to the changes of society, economy and culture. At the same time, he pointed out that, after 1980s’, collective housing has failed to find themes which are shared and pursued by architects. Now, as the first decade of the new milenium is closing, it is time for us to begin to think about what the themes of contemporay collective housing could be.
This issue includes 15 collective housing projects from Europe, America, and Asia, completed in recent years. The locations of the projects varies from metropolis like Paris and New York to the midst of a Chinese forest. Each site has unique characters, they are financed differently (government or private) and have varied demographics, all these factors affect each project differently in their form, volume and site plannning. In other words, they exhibit a unique composition in their own contexts. At the same time, from the design of details such as the exterior cladding or the openings, one can recognize the presence of the architects’ intention to control the immediate surrounding of the project architecturally. Although it might be difficult to identify a common theme shared by architects as Steinmann argues, there is a possibility that an emerging theme will arise from the individuality of works which stand between the scale of the dwelling and that of the urban.(a+u)

Essay: A Matter of Selection
Ramias Steinemann

David Chipperfield
Ninetree Village

Jakob + MacFarlane
100 Social Apartments

Gigon / Guyer
Brunnenhof Housing Complex – Apartments for Large Families
Residential Housing, Diggelmannstrasse

Bernard Tschumi Architectes

Jean Nouvel
40 Mercer Residences

23 East 22nd Street

John Pawson
50 Gramercy Park North

dosmasuno arquitectos
102 Apartments in Carabanchel

Belzunce, Diaz-Mauriño and Ga Millán + De Lapuerta and
Urban Planning and Social Housing in La Mina del Morro

Mei Architecten en stedenbouwers
Schiecentrale Phase 4B

Meyer en Van Schooten Architecten, Heren 5 Architecten, Cie.
La Grande Cour

WOHA Architects
Newton Suites

Toyo Ito
Belle Vue Residences

Urban Tulou

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