House Tumle nearby Göteborg by Johannes Norlander

Petr Šmídek
17.08.2010 16:00
Johannes Norlander

Located north west of Gotehnburg, Sweden, 'House Tumle' by local architectural firm Johannes Norlander Arkitektur AB is a hexagonal, two-storey dwelling that overlooks the north sea. From a distance, the building is meant to be abstract, like an icon of a house, and become more physical and present as one approaches it.
The shape of the 168 m² family home follows the existing topography of the site, creating a natural walk around the perimeter of the house. Another key aim for the cut of the building was to provide specific vistas of the surrounding landscape. The six facades are clad in finely-corrugated, power-coated metal sheets.
Contrary to the gun-powder black facade, the interior of the house is largely white with concrete flooring. The only black elements are the coated aluminum frames of the windows, establishing a clear composition of the view outside. The ground floor houses the kitchen and living area which pivot around a central washroom and utility core. The topography of the site is translated to the layout through a series of short and wide steps. The bedrooms and work space are located on the second level.
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