Kristine Jensen

*14. 12. 1956, Danemark
Mejlgade 50 BB ST, DK-8000 Århus
+45 86189634
+45 86189633
Hlavní obrázek
The office Arkitekt Kristine Jensen Tegnestue works visionary with landscape architecture, planning and urban design. The strength of the office is an intense interest to work within the urban and landscape context and within the given program solve the projects with an artistic insight. The office was founded by Kristine Jensen in 2000 and was registered as a private APS company in 2004. Kristine Jensen has a long architectural experience, due to over 20 years years of practice, working in larger and smaller offices; a part from that she has also a background from teaching and research studies as assistant professor and Ph.D in urban design and landscape architecture. The office uses both traditional architectural media such as sketches, hand drawings, models and modern digital media. The office is fully equipped to work with in all parts of the architectural practice.

Realizations and projects