106: Towards a New Urban House

eshop.publisher: The Japan Architect
eshop.release_year: 2017
eshop.format: 22 x 30 cm, 128 stran, brožovaná
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This special issue features proposals for contemporary houses that turn toward the city, organised around two axes: houses that connect things, and houses that are thrown out into the city. What they have in common is that, instead of regarding the house as actor and the city as background, both are viewed from a single approach. This issue explores how a redefinition of the urban order in Japan since the turn of the century has led to a transition for both houses and architecture from static to dynamic. Featuring more than a dozen homes and residential projects by a range of architects, including Go Hasegawa, Takahashi Ippei, Erika Nakagawa, Ryue Nishizawa, and others.

Towards a New Urban House Teppei Fujiwara
Generating life amid the terrain of things Masatake Shinohara
1. House M Office of Kumiko Inui
Tokyo University of Arts Inui Lab.
Ryugo Ichikawa
2. House in Kyodo Go Hasegawa and Associates
4. Painter House MURAYAMA
5. Yoyogi Terrace FUJIWALABO
6. house A
shop B KimuraMatsumoto Architects
7. House in Kawasaki Taichi Mitsuya & Associates
8. Momoyama House Erika Nakagawa Office
9. House in Rokko Yo Shimada
10. Garden & House Office of Ryue Nishizawa
11. SHAREyaraicho Satoko Shinohara
Spatial Design Studio
Ayano Uchimura
A Studio
12. Dragon Court Village Junya Inagaki
Satoshi Sano
Takuo Nagai
Eisuke Hori
13. MOKU-CHIN RECIPE(application to Pin! Hiraharabashi) MOKU-CHIN KIKAKU


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