Nakladatelství: GA Global Architecture
Rok vydání: 2015
ISSN: 9784871407939
Formát: 23 x 30 cm, 160 stran, brožovaná
Jazyk: english, japan
Běžná cena: 750 Kč
Naše cena: 600 Kč (bez 10 % DPH: 545,46 Kč)
  23.9 € (bez 10 % DPH: 21,51 €)
Skladem: 0 ks (standardní doba expedice do 21 dnů)

GA Houses documents outstanding new residential architecture around the globe. Included in each issue are award- winning buildings of the past which today are considered epoch-making. In this issue, Yukio Futagawa offers readers a look at residential homes build by architects such as Peter Stutchbury, Aires Mateus, Ken Yokogawa and special attention is paid to several Brazilian architects like Vilanova Artigas and Andrade Morettin.

Hirotaka Kidosaki: Guest House with Lake View
Aires Mateus: House in Leiria
Satoshi Okada: Villa A
Peter Stutchbury: Paddock House

Elements on Residence
Kei'ichi Irie: Spiral
Ken Yokogawa: Hironaka House (Polyhedron/Tokyo)

Residential Masterpieces: Vilanova Artigas
Baeta's House, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Nitsche Arquitetos: SFX House
Isay Weinfeld: Sumare House

Andrade Morettin: House B
Andrade Morettin: Residential Building, Fidalga Str.


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