portrét současné české krajinářské architektury

eshop.publisher: Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera
eshop.release_year: 2014
eshop.format: 287 stran, brožovaná
eshop.language: czech, english
eshop.price: 490 eshop.czk

The CzechScape publication deals with the increasingly discussed theme of landscape architecture. This showcase of Czech creations, with generous overlap into other related disciplines, deliberately exceeds the borders of conventional understanding of the field.  Issues are approached in a very complex way: a combination of landscaping itself, gardening, the urban environment, architecture and interventions in public spaces. Projects of architects as well as artists working in the '60s form the introductory section. Subsequent chapters focus primarily on contemporary creations. The public will therefore have the opportunity of learning about well-known projects, as well as those almost forgotten, unpublicised and previously inaccessible private projects. The publication was published on occasion of the eponymous exhibition in the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague 18. 6. – 9. 9. 2014.
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