Built by the Sea

Villas and Small Houses by Lund Hagem

eshop.publisher: Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing
eshop.release_year: 2015
eshop.isbn: 9789187543364
eshop.format: 22 x 24 cm, 224 stran, brožovaná
eshop.language: english
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  44 € (eshop.exclvat 10 % eshop.vat: 39,60 €)
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Norway’s Lund Hagem Architects is celebrated for their unique relationship with nature. For each building, the firm deftly analyses the built and natural landscape, determining which parts of a site should remain unbuilt, and which microclimates would best lend themselves to domestic living. Impressions from the landscape and local buildings create a vocabulary they use as their basis for creating modern architecture rooted in the Nordic tradition. This book showcases the firm’s small buildings and cabins, in which the interplay between built and unbuilt natural landscape achieves its maximum effect.


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