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147-148: Spain 2011 Yearbook

Nakladatelství: Arquitectura Viva
Rok vydání: 2011
ISSN: 8437010613142
Formát: 304 stran, 24 x 30 cm, brožovaná
Jazyk: english, spanish
Běžná cena: 1400 Kč
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  48 € (bez 10 % DPH: 43,20 €)
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This double issue gathers the selection of the best twenty-four projects completed during the year in Spain, accompanied by a review of the most important events in the international panorama, described from an architectural point of view in a series of articles by Luis Fernández-Galiano. The issue is completed with a selection of the twelve most representative international works and a chapter devoted to distinctions and disappearances.

Summary of the Year
Luis Fernández-Galiano
Days of Penitence
Roses in Winter
Spain and its Specter
2010, an Anthology

Larger Scale
Library and Archive of Galicia - Peter Eisenman
Cultural Center - Oscar Niemeyer
Manzana del Revellín Complex - Álvaro Siza
Museum of Human Evolution - Juan Navarro Baldeweg

Popular Culture
Auditorium - Francisco Mangado
L'Atlàntida Theater - Josep Llinàs
Museum - Amann, Cánovas & Maruri
Cap Vermell Center - Barceló & Balanzó

Buildings and Brands
Portia Winery - Foster & Partners
Regulatory Board - Barozzi & Veiga
Religious Art Business Park - Suárez & Santas
Institute of Architects - Arroyo & Pemjean

Social Cohesion
Town Hall Building - Mansilla & Tuñón
Pablo de Olavide University Lecture Hall - MGM (Morales, De Giles) & Hernández Valencia
Residence and Day Care Center - Alday & Jover
Health Center - Jordi Badia (BAAS)

Children's Programs
Plaza Ecópolis - Ecosistema Urbano
Elementary School - Rueda & Pizarro
Primary School - Alejandro Muñoz Miranda
Children's Learning Center - Paredes & Pedrosa

Basic Residence
131 Social Dwellings - Zigzag Arquitectura
Social Housing - Coll & Leclerc
22 Social Dwellings - Alberola, Díaz-Mauriño & Martorell
Summer Camps - OAB, Ferrater & Ayala

A Year in the World
Luis Fernández-Galiano
Twelve Months in Press Covers
Chronicle of Four Seasons
2010 in Twelve Buildings
Distinctions and Disappearances