#41 Sep/Oct 2011

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News and observations
Elbphilharmonie by Herzog & de Meuron, Hamburg (DE)
Olafur Eliasson's rainbow, Aarhus (DK)
Reality Check: 3XN's museum, Liverpool (UK)
Bucharest (RO) goes back to the future
Euro note bridges in a Dutch suburb
and more…

New projects
Mountain Station, Reißeck (AT) by Zechner & Zechner
Holiday Park, Gerolstein (DE) by Christian Müller Architects & Krill architecture
Park, Barcelona (ES) by West 8, Alday-Jover & RCR
Art gallery, Vilnius (LT) by A01 architektai
Centre for Innovation and Creativity, Matosinhos (PT) by Maria Milano & Arquitectos Anónimos

Irakli Eristavi: Keeping the concept alive
Maria Topolcanska interviews Irakli Eristavi of zerozero about his laid-back approach to architecture and how the office took off after CMYK, its first big housing commission in Presov. Eristavi: 'I would not overestimate CMYK's impact on the architectural scene in Slovakia. However, it had a vast impact on our work.'

New buildings
Residential building, Milan (IT) by Antonio Citterio
Tower renovation, Braşov (RO) by Point 4 Space
Apartment building, Zurich (CH) by Knapkiewicz + Fickert
Hotel renovation, Porto (PT) by Pedra Líquida
Scottish War Blinded Centre, Linburn (UK) by Page\Park Architects
Pharmaceutical facilities, Armunia (ES) by Estudio SIC
Office, Zeist (NL) by Josep Lluís Mateo
Extension of a private house, Oberselters (DE) by Reinhardt Jung Architekten
Apartment building with gymnasium, Prague (CZ) by DaM Studio
Cultural Centre, Yalova (TR) by Emre Arolat Architects

Sculptural glass
Glass in architecture. It started out as decoration. The first application of glass in buildings, in the centuries before the Christian era, consisted of cast 'lumps' of glass. Even medieval stained glass had little to do with the values of transparency and boundlessness that the material has come to represent in the modern era. For a long while after that glass was used primarily to fill window openings. Nowadays, however, technology has moved on to such an extent that you can not only construct entire facades of glass, but also roofs, floors and stairs. Glass has evolved into a fully fledged building material.

Focusing on European countries, cities and regions
The emergence of other forms of architecture than just making buildings
A tour of Switzerland's architectural capital, Basel
Office: WillemsenU in Eindhoven (NL)

Buildings from the margins of modern history
The Trades Union Congress Memorial Building by David du Rieu Aberdeen (1948 – 1957) is one of the finest institutional buildings in London and one of the most significant buildings of the 1950s. It reflects both the austerity of the early post-war years and the optimism about the prosperity that was still to come.



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