Ljubljanica Sluice Gate

Ljubljanica Sluice Gate
Architect: Josip Plečnik
Address: Pojlanski nasip, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Ljubljanica Lock Gate, located at the end of the embanked riverbed of the Ljulbjanica River, is used to regulate the water level in the city center. The lock gate emerged as part of a broader idea to arrange a river promenade. It was planned that the promenade would end at the lock gates and turn back toward the center. Because of this larger idea, Plečnik also designed the banks and two squares near the lock gate. The lock gates themselves are designed as a house on the water with three pylons supporting majestic columns. The capitals of the ionic columns have inserted faces in Etruscan style that seem to gaze at the river as it flows away. Etruscan vessels with dragon heads set on short Doric columns stand on the supports and are turned against the river's flow. The two main pylons recall the architecture of Egyptian tombs. The lock gate gives the impression of an immovable whole and thus emphasizes the controlled power of the water element.
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