Pavilion Secession

Pavilion Secession
Spolupráce:Koloman Moser, Gustav Klimt
Address: Friedrichstraße 12, Wien, Austria
Completion:1897 - 10.11.1898
Area:1000 m2

Its crowning element, based on a sketch by Klimt, was inscribed with the slogan: 'The time our art, the art our freedom.' Planned as a covered courtyard structure, the building provided for gallery space on all sides of a large top-lit rectangular exhibition hall in the centre.
The general form of the crowning element sketched by Klimt included, in a vague outline, both the battered pylons and the gilded laurel motif with its dedication to Apollo. This last was rendered by Olbrich as a perforated metal dome, suspended between four pylons and set above profiled planar masses.
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