Student Housing Antipodes I

Résidence universitaire Antipodes I

Student Housing Antipodes I
Umělecká spolupráce:Rémy Zaugg
Address: Rue Alain Savary 24-32, campus Montmuzard, Dijon, France
Investor:Université de Bourgogne

The Antipodes I scheme is a linear configuration consisting of almost identical linear units that are aligned on alternate sides of a circulation spine. At the ends, there are paired linear volumes to give a double-loaded corridor. The linear units are of in-situ, black stained, reinforced concrete. On one side, the in-situ cast structure of the linear unit is closed by prefabricated concrete panels, whose lighter colour corresponds to the aluminium frames and glass surfaces of the inserted windows. On the opposite side of the linear units, an external wall clad with dark brown plywood is set back, thereby creating a wide balcony, a “Laubengang”, that integrates the linear units.
Herzog & de Meuron, 1994
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