Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium

Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium

Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium
Architect: B.I.G. | Bjarke Ingels
Spolupráce:Finn Nørkjær, Ole Schrøder, Ole Elkjær, Frederik Lyng
Address: Svanemøllevej 87, Hellerup, Danemark
Investor:Gammel Hellerup High School
Area:2500 m2
Price:6 700 000 Euro

“Rather than placing the hall outside the school - and spread the social life further – we have created a newfocal point and link between the school's existing facilities. The roof forms a molehill that serves as a giant piece of informal furniture engaging and supporting student life. The main architectural idea emerged from the rules of handball as the soft curved roof takes its form from the mathematical equation of the trajectory of a thrown ball –Form follows Function. In an homage to my old math teacher, we used the mathematical formula for a ballistic arc to shape the geometry of the roof.”
Bjarke Ingels

BIG conceived a large multifunctional space that could be used for sports, graduation ceremonies and social events. The new hall comprises a sunken 1,100 m2 space, placed five meters (16.5 feet) below the ground in the center of the school’s courtyard, ensuring a good indoor climate, low environmental impact and high architectural quality. The hall, formed by bevelled concrete walls, is covered by a soft vaulted wooden roof formed by a series of uniquely curved glued laminated timber beams. The roof, serving two functions as an interior and exterior skin,is a welcome addition to the existing 1950’s campus of yellow brick buildings. The hilly courtyard creates an informal meeting place that can host numerous activities from group work to larger gatherings.

The exterior wooden decked surface consists of untreated oak wood and white enamel coated steel benches, also designed by BIG. The only light sources at night are the benches and BIG designed seating which are outfitted with tiny LED lights beneath lighting up the entire courtyard. The edge of the roof is designed as a long social bench, its lattice design ensures the penetration of daylight below. Solar panels placed strategically around the existing buildings provide heat for the hall.
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