Showroom DuPont

Showroom DuPont
Architect: Mimosa architekti
Spolupráce:Lucie Koldová
Investor:DuPont CZ s.r.o

The design of the showroom in the domicile of the Czech branch of DuPont follows the company´s motto „The Miracles of Science“. DuPont´s materials are not presented as exhibits, but they create the whole interior.
The designed space is separated from the administration building, to which it is set, by a „ribbon“ from Corian, SentryGlas Expressions and Butacite materials. The motive applied to the „ribbon“ – fibres – refers to the subject matter of the majority of DuPont´s products. The motive of the fibres in the larger sense is also understood as a reference to the world of chemical fixations and reactions, to the scientific world of DuPont.
This idea is crowned with the visual connection with the actual laboratory.
Premises needed for the showroom functioning (store of samples and graphic material, changing room etc) are hidden behind the „ribbon“.
Sophistication of DuPont´s materials is well-balanced with the „roughly“ conceived ceiling with confessed technical circuits.
The contrast with the atypical components of the mobiliary puts the finishing touches to the atmosphere of the monochrome white environment. The mobiliary is the work of designer Lucie Koldová.
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