Family house Újezdec

Family house Újezdec
Spolupráce:Ondřej Fabián, Petra Bitaudeau Vašková, Jaroslav Matoušek, Petr Janík
Address: Skácelova 373, Újezdec, Uherský Brod, Czech Republic
Area:228 m2
Built Up Area:239 m2
Site Area:2101 m2
Built Up Space:1059 m3

foto: Libor Stavjaník / TOAST Studio
This house sits on a plot touching a public road to the west and surrounded by construction sites from the other sides. The house consists of several smaller objects that by mutual moving and rotating create more intimate spaces used as a terrace or a patio. These “little cubes” are complemented by slabs covering the entrance and the terrace preventing them from the weather. The western facade with the entrance to the house and parking space adjoining the road belong to the first block of the composition. From here, one goes through the second volume containing service rooms, social facilities and children’s bedrooms. The hallway rises in the third block, which is occupied by a living room with a dining area and a kitchen. The block declines against the entrance and copies the ground. From the living room, one enters the southern terrace,
common also to the children’s bedrooms, and/or to the last object hosting a bedroom with a bathroom on the ground floor and a study on the first floor (which can be used as a guest room, too). A separate toilet belongs to this room, as well as the northern terrace. This volume is again moved down in relation to the entry and living space.
All the bricked facades of the house have white brizolit plaster. A fence around the house is made from galvanized netting wire mounted on steel posts.
studio NEW WORK
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