Renovation and extension Rijksmuseum Twenthe

Renovation and extension Rijksmuseum Twenthe
Zahradní architekt:Lodewijk Baljon, Amsterdam
Address: Lasondersingel 129-131, Enschede, Netherlands
Investor:Rijksgebouwendienst, Den Haag
Area:3500 m2

The museum built in 1928 was traditionally divided into a series of rooms. The renovation of the museum structure entailed the introduction of extensive climate and technical installations, additional exhibition space, a new circulation system and entrance area. A multi-functional pavilion, positioned directly opposite the entrance, was added to the existing structure and the routing system was improved throughout the museum, lining up the openings to the different rooms and increasing the incidence of light. The large, new space for temporary exhibitions is obtained by roofing over one of the two courtyards. The second courtyard remained open and was landscaped by Lodewijk Baljon.
UN Studio
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