Regional Science-Technology Centre, Podzamcze Chęciny

Centrum Nauki Leonardo da Vinci

Regional Science-Technology Centre, Podzamcze Chęciny
Architect: eM4 | Marcin Brataniec
Address: Podzamcze 45, Podzamcze, Poland
Area:4090 m2

Collaboration: Maciej Gozdecki, Damian Mierzwa
Landscape design: Urszula Forczek-Brataniec, Paulina Nosalska (collaboration)
Construction: Paweł Byrski, Tomasz Bator, Norbert Wysocki
The Science Centre was established as a part of Regional Science-Technology Centre. Situated next to the Baroque Mansion overlooking the medieval castle and renaissance church took the shape sensitive to the surrounding spatial structure. Being the exposition place become an exposure object telling by itself about the landscape, geology and the nature of the region

The Science Centre was created on the site of the former mansion farm. His form containing big volume was integrated into requiring environment. The idea of oppeness had a decisive influence on the interior space, it manifested by the limitation of supports and strong connection with open space
Oppenness and élan of the space while easements of the context was achieved through the innovative construction with 22 m prestressed concrete beams. Green roof provides the thermal isolation. The shelter with the location of the plot and large area of interface with the ground provides a positive energy balance obtained without technological suport.

The Science Centre is the space for experimentation, the place of communing with science. The idea of overcoming the limits of science was reflected in the functional solutions closely related to the form. The exhibition area constitutes the spacious interior with mezzanine, thus allowing more adventurous shapes of any arrangements. The contiguous laboratory and auditory provide a place for events and researches requires concentration. Vertical communication connects interior with exterior. It brings visitors on the bellveder, then on the roof taking the form of the garden leaning to the manor building. The garden space states the exhibition continuity, it presented sequentially the geobothanic districts as a rocks and plants peculiar to them. The roof is terminated by the geological fasade as it were emerging from the ground. Its structure and colour refers to the geological layers constructing surrounding mountain formations.
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