Forest swimming pool - project

Forest swimming pool - project
In the spring of 2020, we started taking care of the Forest Swimming Pool, which was brought into the administration of our association for the next few years. Since our primary goal was to restore the original swimming pool on site, we decided to try to raise money in the form of a participatory budget. We have succeeded in this struggle with many interesting projects, which means that we can start fulfilling our bold plans. We therefore decided to take the first step and prepare, at our own expense, a architectural study of the area. It should indicate the direction of how to further develop the Forest Swimming Pool in the coming years. Money from a participatory budget will be far from enough, but that is not the point. In the first phase of the project, we try to start the whole process so that a functional background is created at the swimming pool for all its visitors, which will serve everyone who visits the swimming pool for a long time and well. In the coming months, we will start design work aimed at obtaining a building permit so that we can start the first construction work at the beginning of 2021. Further financing of the project will depend on the development of the situation. It is certain that we want to apply for other years of participatory budgets, grants, but also to address potential donors so that the entire complex will reach its final form, as we have designed for it, as soon as possible. The design includes not only the reconstructed swimming pool building with new social facilities, a sauna and a stall with refreshments, but also a sand pitch for football and volleyball, wooden piers for lying down, residential stairs, and new elements of greenery.

The building of the new swimming pool has a simple idea. The pursuit of the lowest possible costs led us to the idea of ​​a recycled old steel hall, under which the entire construction program will be hidden. The advantage of such a solution is the simple phasing of the entire project and the effort to ensure that the Forest Swimming Pool is not a construction site for the next few years. Individual construction volumes can be realized gradually. The first to come are the engineering networks and toilets, which are a major improvement for the operation of the swimming pool. This will be followed by a public sauna, a small food stand, new changing rooms or showers. The steel structure will be complemented by wooden facades and a metal roof. Small objects such as residential piers can be created in the form of brigades, which proved very useful to us last year. It's not over to take a drill and build something with your own hands.

How to support this project
It is clear that we will need help. That's why we've set up a transparent account where contributors and fans can send us financial help. If you feel that the Forest Swimming Pool project has caught your heart, we will be happy for any contribution to account 2101808884 / 2010. Thank you!
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