Internal Medicine Pavilion | Štenberk Hospital

Internal Medicine Pavilion | Štenberk Hospital
Address: Jívavská 20, Šternberk, Czech Republic
Investor:Olomoucký kraj
Area:3999 m2
Built Up Space:17800 m3
Price:265 000 000 CZK

Chief engineer: Ing. Michal Surka
Interior: Ing. arch. Aleš Chlád
BIM: Ing. Jiří Horn
The Internal Medicine Pavilion is located in the northern part of the Šternberk Hospital, at the hospital complex entrance.

The pavilion is built in the place of the former hospital headquarters which was dismantled and relocated. The original substation was preserved and incorporated into the new building in a way that forms an aesthetically and technically functional whole.

The building is a simple 48 × 18 meters block, complemented by a slab above the entrance. The building consists of one underground floor and five above-ground floors, with technical facilities and photovoltaic panels on the roof.

The simple and clean building façade is articulated by anthracite framed windows of various dimensions that allow a variable interior layout. The white color of the facade amplifies the feeling of lightness and airiness reflecting modern medicine`s approach to the patients. It is not only the amount of daylight and the clear overview of the pavilion that is important, but also the variability of every single day that is brought inside the building. For patients, visitors, and hospital staff this means contact with the outside world. Good-quality architecture is not an aesthetic gesture but can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of patients, which was the basis of the design.

The new pavilion includes several internal medicine clinic facilities, such as the reception, acute clinic, sampling and performance rooms, hospital rooms, and intensive care rooms. The design of the building emphasized the variability of layout and technological equipment, compact shape, optimal ratio of solid and glazed surfaces, and optimal indoor climate, which is controlled with regard to cooling and humidity. The acoustics of the interior spaces have been designed to ensure the highest possible user comfort.

The pavilion has three main entrances, the first of which is intended primarily for ambulances, patients arriving by these vehicles, and pedestrian hospital visitors. This entrance is located at the northeast corner of the building, which allows quick and easy access to the pavilion from the main Jívavská road. In addition, the crossing of pedestrian and ambulance routes is also minimized as there is a covered parking area for ambulances.

The second entrance is intended for visitors arriving by car and is located at the southeast corner of the building. It is accessed via a pedestrian zone and allows for a collision-free passage of patients through the site to the pavilion. This entrance is easily accessible from the newly constructed parking lot on the west side of the hospital complex.

A third entrance, for technical or staff use, is located on the first floor and is accessible via a new exterior ramp on the southwest side of the building.

The Internal Medicine Pavilion is also connected to the Surgery Pavilion and the Common Medical Tests building by a skybridge on the 3rd floor, which allows wheelchair access.

The Internal Medicine Pavilion is built in a passive house standard and classified as energy class A in accordance with the Energy performance certificate. The building has a storage tank with 14 days storage capacity for utility water.
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