Residential structure Plzenska

Residential structure Plzenska
Spolupráce:Gabriel Boženík, Martin Ratkoš
Address: Plzeňská, Prešov, Slovakia
Area:2232 m2
Built Up Area:1198 m2
Site Area:3500 m2

Foto: Pavol Šilla
Nominácia na Cenu ARCH 2018
A new residential structure located in the immediate vicinity of the city centre. Typologically it is a hybrid between row housing and an apartment building. The site's public spaces consist of a newly created street providing access for car traffic, parking lots and a pavement that widens into a space for flexible use at the site's southern end. Private yards adjoining the individual row houses provide a functional reverse of the publicly accessible street. The architectural concept was the creation of a single linear mass with a gradually increasing height, situated along the N-S axis. The saw-like structure with a crystallic character is perforated by loggias and regularly spaced openings.
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