New city market hall in Bratislava

Nová tržnica

New city market hall in Bratislava
Architect: Ivan Matušík
Address: Šancová 112, Nové Mesto, Bratislava, Slovakia

In Bratislava the city market hall grew near a former central marketplace, which had in that area a long-lasting tradition The main task of an assignment was oriented towards finding an appropriate concept and atmosphere relevant to the conditions for a market hall functioning on the borderline of the centuries. The idea of a roofed street, passages and galleries was reflected in the project, respecting the programme within the building, as well as the regulations given by the city authorities. The architect, in creative cooperation with an expert for statics, projected a progressive construction system giving the building a peculiar face. The entire glass cladding reflecting the busy life of the market hall mainly due to the artificial lighting fleshed out the transparency of architecture. Within this modem container its machine technology uses a whole conditioning system in the spirit of high-tech. Distributing pipelines, intake and exhaust batteries are artistically mastered. This work represents one of a few sample of perfectly mastered issues within Slovakia. However, the pity is that in 2002 the city district Bratislava Nové mesto caused the devaluation of the work after painting all of the constructions in face concrete with a red coating.
Matušík, Ivan. Life with architecture. Bratislava: Monada, 2003, p.58-63
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