Lake House

Lake House
Address: Nagambie, Australia

Photography: Ernesto Arriagada
This lakeside home is located on the picturesque Lake Nagambie waterfront in central Victoria. In this semi-rural context the land gently slopes down to the water, towering mature river gum trees are dotted along the shore and distant views across the lake provide a natural backdrop to family life.

Site Factors:
Not withstanding great views and the site's physical beauty, the lake is south facing and therefore not ideal (southern hemisphere) for solar orientation. Various strategies for making the most of the lake aspect as well as overcoming some of the siting challenges were necessary.

Spatial Arrangement:
This house has a unique spatial organization Three glazed courtyards are pinwheeled around a large central dining room. This arrangement provides an aspect out to nature from more rooms, draws views in to the center of the house and enhances the sense of connectivity to the water. The courtyards allow solar gain to passively heat the concrete slab in winter while cooling breezes flow throughout the house in summer to create climate responsive design.

Material Approach:
Material Approaches include the use of texture and pattern to create visual interest. Pale colored exposed masonry blocks provide a solid feel to the to the ground floor walls and are finished either as smooth faced (external) and honed (internal) to give a soft matte texture to the house. The masonry block pattern is played with externally with "hit and miss" blockwork walls allowing light and air to filter throughout the day. Contrasting dark colored fine vertical metal blades provide shading and privacy screening and allow the top of the house to "feather" against the trees and sky. Other materials include in situ, exposed aggregate concrete floors and benches and Tasmanian blackwood cabinetry.
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