Creative cluster Breitensee

Wirtschaftspark Breitensee

Creative cluster Breitensee
Spolupráce:Hannes Zergoi, Niels Merschbrock, Christian Mörtl, Jiri Huske, Carolin Saile, Sven Klöcker, Stefanie Gänger, Karolina Wolny, Pascal Tenczhert
Address: Goldschlagstraße 172, Wien, Austria
Investor:Wien Holding GmbH
Area:20000 m2
Site Area:9494 m2
Price:20 000 000 Euro

The central urban business location is transformed to become an intelligent and functional business park with urban flair.
The resident production companies are supplemented with offices, studios and manufacturing plants from the creative industries and are converted into the ambient business park breitensee.
The residual voids create a three-dimensional development of alternatively allocated exterior areas, which double up as office terraces and also help boost communication and shape the identity of the business park.
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