Interior Style Plus

Interior Style Plus
Autor stavby:David Jiříček
Address: Moravská 1259, Litomyšl, Czech Republic
Investor:Style Plus s.r.o.
Area:698 m2

The building is located by the main road in an industrial zone on the outskirts of Litomyšl. It was designed for STYLE PLUS, a wholesaler in sanitary fittings for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The two-storey building contains two operating units, an administrative part with a showroom and a distribution warehouse.
Facing the street, the administrative part consists of two floors. Glazed ground floor along the whole length of the frontal facade offers a view into the entrance space and into the showroom, which also serves as a showcase of the assortment. Behind this wing there is another one containing staff facilities, warehouse office and technology of the entire building. On the first floor there are offices with sanitary facilities and two meeting rooms. While the meeting rooms are hung in air above the entrance in the glass frontal mass facing the busy road, office glass wall faces into a quiet atrium with a green roof. For clear arrangement and communication the office working spaces are partitioned by glass boxes. The common corridor also serves as a filing archive. The whole area is dominated by a wall with a natural teak veneer separating public and private office space. The accessible atrium with trees on the first floor, embedded between the administration block and warehouse, offers a green garden for the offices in the middle of the industrial zone and at the same time brings light and ventilation to the ground floor. The administrative part is followed immediately by the warehouse mass in one block. The building facade is made of BENCHMARK aluminium panels. The perforated facade hung in the front is made of ALUBOND aluminium composite panels. In dark, these are backlit by blue light evoking the company assortment in the shade of corporate colours.
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