Information Centre Trojanovice

Information Centre Trojanovice
Closed to the newly reconstructed Hruška grocery store, replacing the current garages in the centre of Trojanovice village, we designed and built an Information Centre.
The multipurpose building would be an Information Centre, a Post Office, a Library, a public WC and other public services.
The entrance is directly on the central square via a glazed wall and a covered porch formed by an overhanging roof and creating the impression of an arcade. The former brick and mortar garage building is replaced by a timber building with steel pillars. The new building is founded on the previous footprint, but with the ground floor raised by some 30cm. The building’s design and insulation comply with the passive standard requirements. The exterior features wooden screens attached to a hanging wooden grate. The building is fully airconditioned, the screens together with blinds protect the façade from overheating.
Kamil Mrva Architects
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