Music School at the Glass Palace

Music School at the Glass Palace
Architect: Wiel Arets, Jo Coenen
Address: Bongerd 18, Heerlen, Netherlands
Investor:město Heerlen
Both architects Arets and Coenen were born in Heerlen, and became interested in the 'old master' Fritz Peutz who had designed the Glass Palace in 1935. While they were working on the refurbishing the Glass Palace next door, they found an ingenious solution for the Music School: a new building, separate and yet connected. There are reminders of the Glass Palace in the design: it is shaped like a projecting mushroom and the walls (and roof) are clad with small glass panels. Hallways link up underground, and there is a sunken courtyard. The lower wall continues from the outside to the inside. There is also an underground dance studio, and a number of 'suspended' classrooms on the Pancratius square side of the building. The huge windows reflect the surrounding buildings, and because they are placed at an angle, they also mirror the old church tower.
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