Estrela Cemetery

Cemitério Estrela

Estrela Cemetery
Spolupráce:Clara Saraiva, Raul Serafim, Sebastião Pereira
Address: Estrela, Portugal
Investor:Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infra-estruturas do Alqueva, S.A.
Built Up Area:205 m2
Site Area:820 m2
Price:650 000 Euro

Při budování přehrady Barragem de Alqueva na západě Portugalska bylo potřeba přemístit starý hřbitov na kopec. Pietní práce s minimalistickým detailem se chopil lisabonský ateliér Pedro Pacheco arquitectos.
The cemetery and mortuary chapel constitute an ensemble of two enclosed spaces, built in a holm-oak field. One of the holm-oaks becomes part of the enclosure, as an element of the cemetery anchorage, transforming the chapel patio into an important shadow space.

This gesture acquires a structural significance, either in the dialogue between built and landscape, or in the character of the chapel interior space, built with holm-oak wood, recycled from the fell of trees in the new lagoon river-side.
Like the cemetery of Luz, the elements dislocated from the old cemetery, witch characterize the cemetery typology, are interpreted in the design of the new dislocated cemetery. The spatial intensity held in the shadow spaces between walls, patios and white surfaces, densify the sense of this place, like silence intervals.
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