Fountain in Solkan

Fountain in Solkan
Address: Trg Jožeta Srebniča, Solkan, Slovenia
The fountain lies on red asphalt in the centre of the square. The surrounding mountains and the river generate the shape, placing and waterflow over it.
It measures 9m in length, 3.75m in width and it is 1.75m high. It is formed by two binding concrete shells. Water is sprayed on it from a nearby waterspout. It flows over the concave surface, looses its power and drifts over the convex surface into the gutter.
The water creates diffraction and reflection of light. The sound of water is constantly present. The water covered surface twinkles before your eyes.
The landscaper assigns landscape characteristics to the scale of an autonomous object. The fountain waterflow is much alike the river flow over similar relief - the landscape.
The landscaper simulates activities of the visitors in the manner of the surrounding nature. You can sit on the fountain brim. You can lean on the wet surface of the fountain to soak your back. During rain showers you can hide beneath it. Or you can simply climb on top of it.
The landscaper has characteristics of the land concentrated in object.
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